Small aircraft crashes in Democratic Republic of Congo, killing at least six


Last Wednesday a small aircraft crashed in Boale Bombomba, 70 kilometers from Ingende center in the Bokatola area, Democratic Republic of Congo. The news only reached the Congolese civil aviation authorities on Sunday (17 September). According to eyewitnesses the pilot lost control of his aircraft before crashing. At least six American (?) passengers have passed away, but an eyewitness said to media that at least ten passengers died.

The little aircraft was heading for Boteka, the headquarters of the Congo Oil Plantations (BoC) Boteka, when it crashed into the swamp of the Boale Bombomba municipality and sank with his occupants into the muddy water.

Aviation officials say that no passengers survived the crash, the authorities gave no details on the number of occupants of this aircraft. They also didn’t provide the details of the city from which the plane took off.

No body is yet been recovered from the aircraft as it lies in a swamp.


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