New connection from Berlin to Austria: SkyWork Airlines flies to Graz


SkyWork Airlines will be taking on the connection to Graz as part of their new flight plan from Berlin. Every day at 16:10, except Saturdays, they will be flying from Berlin-Tegel towards Styria. The route is part of the new so-called W flights: The plane takes off in Bern, towards Berlin-Tegel, flies from there to Graz, back to Berlin and finally back to the capital of Switzerland. The airline is doubling its range of flights from Berlin. The route will be flown using a Saab 2000.

Discover Styria

Graz is also known as “little Vienna”. The capital of Styria is a shining example of a city, full of Habsburg tradition. Old, stately buildings line the streets and squares. Most of them can be found in the city centre, for example, the late Gothic cathedral or Graz Castle, which was erected in the 15th century. Coffee houses attract both tourists seeking a bit of tradition and a young, hipster crowd. The Murinsel (Island in the Mur), the city’s second landmark, stands in stark contrast to the city’s Baroque splendour. The floating, almost natural looking, platform was built to mark Graz’s award of European Capital of Culture in 2003 and houses a café, an amphitheatre and a children’s playground. However, Graz is not only a tourist hotspot. Since 2011, the city has held the UNESCO title of the “City of Design”, to mark its outstanding innovation and creative achievements.

Hikers and wine lovers will get real bang for their buck in Styria. This particularly green region is a popular travel destination and is well known for its mountains, forests, culinary experiences and of course its outstanding wine. The world-famous pilgrimage site of Mariazell, located in north Styria, attracts more than one million people every year.

SkyWork Airlines

‘Flights made in Switzerland’ is the motto and guiding principle of the Swiss airline with its head office in Bern Airport. This summer, SkyWork Airlines will be flying to 22 destinations with their fleet of Saab 2000s. True to its guideline, all flights and both booking classes include 23kg of free baggage allowance, as well as drinks and a snack during the flight.



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