Skeyes obliged to provide service until Monday night under penalty of 250,000 euros per hour of interruption


This Friday 26 April evening, a judge has ordered Skeyes to provide air navigation service “until Monday night included“, under a penalty of 250,000 euros per hour of interruption. The court action was urgently initiated by Liege Cargo Handling Services (LACHS) and Cargo Airlines (CAL), both based at Liege Airport.

In recent weeks with a context of social tensions, a lack of staff within the air navigation service provider Skeyes has caused several closures of Belgian airspace, most often for a few hours during the night, which affects especially the cargo carriers active at Liège airport.

LACHS and CAL announced Friday their intention to bring an action in summary proceedings before the Court of the Enterprise of Liege, in order to obtain an injunction to Skeyes to ensure air traffic control.

This action should be introduced on Tuesday 30 April. “But in the meantime, our lawyer has examined whether it is not possible to already obtain penalty payments,” said David Alexis, deputy general manager of LACHS. This was done immediately, with success. The penalty of 250,000 euros per hour of interruption, “runs until Monday, including during the night“, according to David Alexis.

Fifty world-class competition horses are waiting at the equestrian hotel along the runways of Liège Airport to be transported to Shanghai, for the international Global Champion’s League competition, scheduled for next weekend. They cannot wait for the end of a social conflict to end. The transportation of horses is a speciality of Liege Airport, LACHS and CAL.


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