Singapore Airlines B777-300ER returns back to Singapore, oxygen masks deployed during descent


Singapore Airlines flight SQ336 bound for Paris CDG which left Singapore Changi Airport early Monday (Nov 19) morning made a U-turn less than an hour after take-off, after pilots reported a drop in cabin pressure to Singapore Changi Tower
It is not known what caused this to happen on the 11 year old Boeing 777-300ER.

Flight SQ336 had climbed to 24,000 feet and was over Malaysia when it turned back towards Singapore.
The aircraft had to circle for about an hour to dump fuel before it could land.

Confirming the incident, an Singapore Airlines spokesman said there were 234 passengers and 17 crew on board the aircraft. No injuries were reported.

At Changi Airport, emergency vehicles were standing by to receive the flight.

A passenger who posted photos taken inside the plane on Twitter said they had been transferred to the Singapore Airlines flight after an Air France service they were booked on was cancelled due to technical issues.

Singapore Airlines
Source: The Straits Times


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