Sichuan Airlines Airbus A319 windshield separation, rapid decompression and emergency descent

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The right hand front windshield of this Sichuan Airlines Airbus A319 (B-6419) got separated with a sudden decompression as a result. The pilots immediately squawked emergency code 7700 and started an emergency descent.

Flight 3U8633 from Chongqing to Lhasa, Tibet experienced windshield separation at 33,200 ft. causing sudden decompression, autopilot and avionics failure. Parts of the cockpit were sucked out. The aircraft descended to 24,000 ft and diverted to Chengdu, website JacDec reported on Twitter.

Some tires of the aircraft bursted during landing. All passengers got out safe, two crew members, one flight attendant and most likely the copilot, got injured.

A Sichuan Airlines flight from Chongqing to Lhasa made an emergency landing in Chengdu on Monday morning due to mechanical failure“, the airline said, adding that “passengers will be relocated to another plane to continue their journey.


  1. Chinese follow-up news corrected that the tires didn’t really burst but flattened to help the plane stop, because they couldn’t use thrust reversal.


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