Seville and Stockholm will have a nonstop connection by SAS from February 2022

SAS Airbus A321LR

Flying between Seville and Stockholm on a non-stop flight will be possible again from February 2022. The Scandinavian company SAS has already put the tickets on sale, which can be purchased for 45.74 euros and up.

It will be in February when the airline begins to operate between Seville San Pablo and Stockholm Arlanda non-stop, like the flights that existed earlier. Strangely enough, the latest SAS press release did not mention this route. This connection will also serve as a gateway to Asian tourism.

With the pandemic, travel has been drastically reduced. However, little by little, San Pablo airport is recovering the longest routes, such as those that link the Andalusian capital with Warsaw and Krakow in Poland, with Budapest in Hungary and this new connection that will begin to operate at the end of February, which will undoubtedly be favourable for both Andalusian tourism and the Swedish capital. Little by little,



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