SAS CEO: We will have electric flights in operation by 2028


SAS intends to start flying electric aircraft in Sweden in 2028. That’s what the company’s CEO Anko van der Werff says in tonight’s television programme “30 Minutes”

In five years, it will be possible to fly electrically powered aircraft on certain shorter routes in Sweden, for example between Stockholm and Visby. That’s at least what national airline SAS is planning.

They should be in operation in 2028. That is, in a way, tomorrow. There will be smaller planes with 30 seats with a range of up to 400 kilometres,” says SAS’ Dutch CEO Anko van der Werff.

SAS collaborates with the Gothenburg-based company Heart Aerospace to produce electric aircraft models. Initially, smaller aircraft models will start flying commercially, but over time they will be able to be scaled up to carry more passengers.

This industry did not even exist 100 years ago. So you obviously have to start with the smaller aircraft and we are looking forward to that. It is a flight with 30 seats, but the design should be expandable to 50 seats,” says the CEO.

Source: SVT


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