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Regional Jet (Estonia) to replace Jet Time as ATR72-600 operator for SAS


Regional Jet OÜ takes over ATR production for SAS

SAS has concluded an agreement with Regional Jet OÜ, which will mainly operate routes to and from Copenhagen with four ATR72-600s.

The other Jet Time production will be solved by a reduction in services and by redistributing existing capacity to other types of aircraft.

We have now found the right collaborative partner to take over Jet Time’s flights. We look forward to working with Regional Jet OÜ, which is a competent and reliable partner and a key contribution to our wet lease strategy,” says Mikael Wångdahl, VP External Production at SAS.

Since November 2016 when the agreements with Jet Time were wound up, the company has been working to find a new wet lease operator which can operate SAS’s regional services with ATR72s.

A number of airlines have been involved in negotiations for the contract but the choice has fallen on Regional Jet OÜ on the basis of a number of parameters. Among other things, audits of SAS’s Quality and Compliance Monitoring have yielded excellent results.

The agreement with Regional Jet OÜ spans six years but can be terminated after three. The four ATR72-600s that will be flying for SAS, in SAS’s colors, will be staffed mainly by Copenhagen-based crews on local agreements.

Regional Jet OÜ was founded in 2015 as an independent company, supplying wet lease services to other companies. The company is owned by Nordic Aviation Group (Nordica) and LOT Polish Airlines (LOT). Today it operates three aircraft for LOT and five for Nordica and will thereby expand its fleet by four aircraft to operate flights for SAS.


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