New airport in Swedish mountains: first SAS flight today

Scandinavian Mountains Airport terminal

Last week a new airport opened in Dalarna, Sweden: “Scandinavian Mountains Airport” between Sälen (Sweden) and Trysil (Norway). It is also referred to as Sälen Trysil Airport, with IATA code SCR, ICAO code ESKS. Coordinates: 61°09’22.7″N 12°50’14.5″E

The airport is intended for both scheduled and chartered services, primarily aimed at bringing tourists to the winter sports resorts of Sälen, Idre and Trysil. It was constructed on the site of an existing small sports airfield at Mobergskölen, near Rörbäcksnäs, in Malung-Sälen, 7 km from the border and is the first new airport in Sweden since Pajala opened in 1999.


It is the first airport in the world designed to be operated from the outset with a virtual tower.

The first SAS flight from Copenhagen SK2271, which is also the first international flight,  landed at this new airport this morning (29 December 2019). It was operated by Airbus A320neo registered SE-ROS.

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Arrival of SAS flight SK2271 from Copenhagen, the first international flight to land at Scandinavian Mountains Airport

Domestic flights to Scandinavian Mountains Airport are operated by BRA.


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