[Coronavirus] SAS temporarily halts most of the traffic


As an effect of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and the measures taken by authorities, the demand for international air travel is essentially non-existent. Therefore, SAS has made the decision to temporarily halt most of its traffic starting Monday, March 16 until there are yet again conditions to conduct commercial aviation.

With consideration to its customers, SAS will within the next few days, as far as it is possible, maintain certain traffic in order to enable return flights from different destinations.

SAS will be at the disposal of the authorities to, on their behalf, take home stranded citizens or maintain infrastructure important to society, as far as possible.

Further, this means that SAS is forced to take temporary work reductions measures for up to 10 000 employees, which is equivalent to 90 percent of the total workforce.

The reductions will be implemented through all parts of the operation, according to national regulations.

SAS is carrying out these measures for the purpose of returning to normal operation as soon as possible.

15 March 2020


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