Ankara Esenbo?a airport welcomes first Stockholm flight of SAS Scandinavian Airlines


Operated by TAV Airports, Ankara Esenbo?a Airport has started hosting SAS Scandinavian Airlines’ flights from Stockholm. SAS Airlines will facilitate direct reciprocal flights from Esenbo?a Airport to Stockholm once a week.

Ankara Esenbo?a Airport, operated by TAV Airports, welcomed the first flight of Scandinavian airline company SAS arriving from Stockholm. 127 passengers and the cabin crew who arrived at Esenbo?a Airport on a Boeing 737-8 type aircraft at 10:15 am on July 2nd were welcomed with flowers by TAV Esenbo?a officials.

TAV Esenbo?a General Manager Nuray Demirer stated: “We are connected to 36 domestic destinations as well as 23 international destinations at 12 countries with direct flights. We are very glad to welcome the flights that connect the capital cities of Turkey and Sweden, following the Esenbo?a-Copenhagen flights of SAS Airlines started on June. We will continue to provide direct flight comfort to our passengers by adding new destinations to our flight network.

SAS Airlines will be flying passengers from Esenbo?a Airport directly to Stockholm every Thursday throughout the season. Ankara Esenbo?a Airport provided service to more than 11 million passengers and welcomed 82,239 flights in 2014.


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