MyCargo Airlines Boeing 747-400F overruns runway at Maastricht Airport


A MyCargo Airlines B747-400F registered TC-ACR operating flight  to Jeddah on behalf of Saudia Cargo overran runway 21 on aborted take-off at Maastricht-Aachen Airport in Beek, The Netherlands, at 23:36 local time on 11 November 2017. It came to a stop on soft ground.

The fire and safety vehicles rushed to the scene of the incident, but there were no injuries to the crew.

Apparently, one or more engines stalled, causing the pilots to abort the take-off.

The cargo hold will have to be unloaded and fuel to be syphoned before the aircraft can be towed back to the runway. Meanwhile, the runway remains closed 18 hours after the incident.





  1. Wrong info !!
    The aircraft rejected take-off after 100 m between W1 and W2 – Not at the end of the runway !


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