The yearly “Ryanair flying long-haul” or “Ryanair to New York” news item


This morning newspaper La Libre Belgique wrote that Ryanair is eying intercontinental destinations, from Charleroi to New York for 175€. Newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws headlined this news item as well.

Using google search on shows that the Ryanair long-haul news comes back regularly, most of the time at the start of the summer season, (keyword “Ryanair long-haul“). The first story about Ryanair’s long-haul flights go way back to March 2004, member OO-SBZ posted (forum-topic):

Imagine Ryanair decides to launch long-haul services.

To offer the bottom €25/£15 fares from Stansted to ‘somewhere near New York’ ( :wink: ) the carrier will have to cut costs (and frills) as much as possible…

After the disappearance of the reclinable seats, the window-blinds, the windows have disappeared, the seats are replaced by benches, etc.


In 2015 The Irish Times headlined: Ryanair’s board has approved plans to start transatlantic flights as part of its growth strategy for the next five years (forum topic). Note the date: March 2015

May 2014: in 2 years a flight between Charleroi and New York will be possible.

June 2016: an article in The Huftington Post where Michael O’Leary proudly announces intercontinental flights from £10

Personally I am not convinced that Ryanair will effectively start long-haul flights in the near future. I launched a forum topic so we can discuss:

Meanwhile the Ryanair long-haul news is out on social media and in the news:


  1. Once more a negative article about Ryanair without any reason.
    This site is becomming more and more biased and no longer worth a visit. aka Aeronautical Pravda.


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