Wolves fans flying to Newcastle via Alicante as “it was cheaper than the train”


On Sunday, Wolverhampton played an away game at Newcastle. A nearly four-hour train ride between the two cities. Steve Horton, a Wolves-fan, noted that his train ticket to St James Park was extremely expensive (£114) and looked for a cheaper way to go and support his team.

With a friend, he booked two separate Ryanair flights. First, Steve and his friend took a flight from Birmingham to Alicante for £30, went out for a night and then they took the second leg: from Alicante to Newcastle for just £15. Steve saved £69 as travel expenses, of course without taking into account the extra beer, the transport costs in Alicante and the total time he lost on such a trip.

Ryanair didn’t hesitate to promote its cheap flights by retweeting Steve’s exploit. And … Wolverhampton beat Newcastle 1-2 😉


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