Ryanair winter 2017/2018: 0 new route from Brussels and 6 extra from Charleroi


Luchtzak.be attended today’s press conference in Brussels where Michael O’Leary talked about Ryanair’s winter 2017/2018 schedules for Brussels Airport and Brussels South Charleroi.

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A little summary below:

  • Currently no expansion at Brussels Airport (BRU): Ryanair will not schedule flights before 7 am because of the current (quote Michael O’Leary: crazy) noise restrictions of the Brussels region, making it very difficult to add more flights,
  • 6 new routes in Charleroi Brussels South (CRL): Eilat Ovda, Lisbon, Naples, Plovdiv, Varna, Wroclaw,
  • Increased frequencies in CRL: Agadir, Alienate, Fez, Malaga, Marrakech, Treviso.





Ryanair today (7 Feb) launched its Brussels winter 2017 schedule, with 6 new Brussels Charleroi routes to Eilat Ovda, Lisbon, Naples, Plovdiv, Varna and Wroclaw (69 in total), and 14 routes Brussels Zaventem routes, which will deliver over 8.6m customers p.a. in total and support 6,500* jobs at both Charleroi and Zaventem Airports.

Ryanair will continue to connect Brussels with major business centres on high frequency, low fare services including Barcelona (4 daily), Dublin (3 daily), Milan (4 daily) and Rome (4 daily), with better timings and lower fares, making Ryanair the ideal choice for Belgian business and leisure customers, as these new routes will go on sale in February 2017.

Ryanair’s Brussels Winter 2017 schedule will deliver:

Brussels Charleroi:

  • 6 new routes: Eilat Ovda (2 weekly), Lisbon (daily), Naples (3 weekly), Plovdiv (2 weekly), Varna (2 weekly) & Wroclaw (3 weekly)
  • Extra flights to: Agadir (3 weekly), Alicante (6 weekly), Fez (3 weekly), Malaga (5 weekly), Marrakesh (4 weekly) & Venice Treviso (10 weekly)
  • 69 routes in total
  • 6m customers p.a.
  • 4,500* “on-site” jobs p.a.

Brussels Zaventem:

  • 14 routes in total incl: Berlin (2 daily), Dublin (2 daily) & Madrid (2 daily)
  • 6m customers p.a.
  • 2,000* “on-site” jobs p.a.

Ryanair’s Brussels summer 2017 schedule is attracting record bookings, with more frequencies to sun destinations for summer family holidays, lower fares as Ryanair passes on lower fuel costs, and an even better customer experience, as it continues to roll out its “Always Getting Better” improvements.

In Brussels, Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary said:

We are pleased to launch our Brussels winter 2017 schedule, which includes 6 new Charleroi routes to Eilat Ovda, Lisbon, Naples, Plovdiv, Varna and Wroclaw, (69 routes in total), as well as 14 Brussels Zaventem routes, which will deliver over 8.6m customers p.a. and support 6,500* jobs at both Charleroi and Zaventem Airports.


We are also pleased to report record bookings on our Brussels summer 2017 schedule, and Belgian customers can look forward to even lower fares, so there’s never been a better time to book a low fare flight on Ryanair. We urge all customers who wish to book their holidays to do so now on the Ryanair.com website or mobile app, where they can avail of the lowest fare air travel to and from Brussels.


To celebrate the launch of our Brussels winter 2017 schedule we are releasing seats for sale across our European network from just €9.99, which are available for booking until midnight Monday (13 Feb). Since these amazing low prices will be snapped up quickly, customers should log onto www.ryanair.com and avoid missing out.

The expansion of the airline’s operations at Charleroi is in line with the expectations of the airport, which is very pleased to be able to offer these new routes to its passengers.

Jean-Jacques CLOQUET, CEO of Brussels South Charleroi Airport, expressed his delight at the news:

Today’s announcement by Ryanair is excellent news for us. With these additional routes from Charleroi, our services continue to expand and diversify in response to demand from our airport’s users. We reiterate our confidence in the future and also in our airport’s potential. With the opening of our new terminal 2, we can expect to see new routes being offered from/to Charleroi. Finally, we would of course like to thank Ryanair for the confidence it is has shown in us over many years; in fact, this year (1st May 2017), will mark the 20th anniversary of the airline’s first service from Charleroi with the opening of its Charleroi-Dublin route in 1997.

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