Test Aankoop/Achats class action in Belgium against Ryanair goes ahead


Two years ago Ryanair had to cancel numerous flights due to a staff strike. Consumer union Test Aankoop/Achats has started a class action against the airline to obtain compensation for the passengers affected. The judge declared its request admissible.

During the summer of 2018 (25 and 26 July, 10 August and 28 September), a significant number of Ryanair flights were cancelled due to a staff strike. Thousands of passengers have been left to fend for themselves.

Attempts to negotiate with Ryanair were unsuccessful and passengers were not compensated. Test Aankoop/Achats has therefore decided to take collective action before the judge in order to represent all the passengers concerned, protect their rights and obtain compensation for them.

Ryanair must contact passengers

In the meantime, the court has declared the claim admissible. Ryanair is now obliged to contact by email before 5 January 2021 all passengers who had a reservation at the time of the strikes.

The email must contain the following elements in particular: “if you have travelled for private and non-professional reasons and you wish to join the procedure to request your compensation, you are invited to send an email to the following address acr.tefb@just.fgov.be indicating that you wish to join the compensation procedure against Ryanair”. Ryanair’s message must state the date and destination of the cancelled flight.

An expert was appointed by the judge to check that Ryanair is indeed sending this message to all the passengers concerned.

If a traveller does not wish to wait to receive the email from Ryanair, he/she can already send an email to the above address specifying the date and destination of his/her flight and his/her wish to join the procedure.

9 December 2020


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