SITA report confirms Ryanair is Europe no 1 airline for baggage



Ryanair today (23 Aug) welcomed SITA’s independent baggage report which confirmed Ryanair’s outstanding baggage performance, mishandling far fewer bags than any other airline. The 2015 SITA Baggage Report showed a worldwide average of 6.5 mishandled bags per 1,000 customers, while in Europe, the average figure was even higher at 7.8 mishandled bags per 1,000.

However, Ryanair mishandled less than 0.55 bags per 1,000 customers last year and has called on all European airlines to publish their service statistics in the interest of consumers.

Ryanair’s Robin Kiely said:

“Ryanair continues to offer the lowest fares in Europe and customers can look forward to further improvements under our “Always Getting Better” programme including more new routes, new digital features, new cabin interiors and even more low fares.

The 2015 SITA Baggage Report confirms Ryanair is the industry leader when it comes to ensuring our customers’ bags arrive with them, with less than 0.55 mishandled bags per 1,000 customers in 2015, compared to a worldwide industry average of 6.5 bags per 1,000 customers and a European average of 7.8 bags per 1,000 customers.

We are calling on all other European airlines to be honest and transparent with their customers and publish their statistics in the interest of consumers, who deserve to know how each airline is really performing.”


  1. May be it would be good, when talking about luggage, to consider also the Ryanair policy resulting in a reduction of pieces of luggage per pax as always a supplement is charged, thus pushing pax to reduce their luggage weight (read peace of luggage). And of course, because in average less pieces of luggage per pax, chances to get lost prop are less….it is just a question how you look at it. Here less service and hidden charges is transformed into a “superior” service.
    jjean wyns

  2. Now most airlines are charging for luggage for passengers travelling on the lowest fares.

  3. Comparing apples and pears, I am afraid. I would be interested to see the numbers if 50% of Ryanair’s customers were connecting, as is the case on many other carriers. It’s a bit like saying that Aeroflot has to deice its aircraft considerably more than South African Airways….

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