Ryanair will pay millions of euros to Belgian passengers in compensation for cancelled flights

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Consumer organisation Test Achats/Aankoop announced that some 33,000 passengers affected by the cancellation of 172 Belgian Ryanair flights in the summer of 2018 will each receive a voucher worth 250 or 400 euros. They can have it paid out after a year. 

In the summer of 2018, Ryanair faced union strikes, which resulted in the cancellation or delay of several flights, affecting thousands of passengers. Following Ryanair’s refusal to compensate these passengers, in July 2019, Test Achats/Aankoop launched a collective action to obtain compensation for the damage suffered by passengers.

A great victory for aggrieved consumers and Test Achats/Aankoop

In December 2020, this appeal was declared admissible by the court. In addition to this legal process, Test Achats/Aankoop also conducted negotiations with Ryanair in order to find a solution. These discussions resulted in an extra-judicial agreement that all affected passengers will receive compensation in the form of a voucher worth 250 or 400 euros (depending on the distance of their cancelled or delayed flight). An agreement that marks a great victory for Test Achats/Aankoop and for aggrieved consumers.

The latter will be able to request a refund in cash if the voucher has not been used in the first year of its issue. If everyone does, the operation will cost Ryanair between 8 and 13 million euros.

In addition, it has been agreed that additional eligible costs, such as “rerouting”, hotel accommodation, taxis and other costs directly related to cancellations or delays, may be subject to reimbursement either. directly from Ryanair, or through Test Achats/Aankoop.



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