Ryanair welcomes Hungarian court ruling to annul €763,000 fine by the Hungarian Consumer Protection Authority


Ryanair has welcomed a ruling by the Metropolitan Court of Budapest that annuls a €763,000 fine imposed by the Hungarian Consumer Protection Authority (CPA). The fine was levied in August 2022 after Ryanair passed on the Hungarian government’s “excess profit” tax of €10 per departing passenger to consumers.

The court ruled that Ryanair had the lawful right to pass on the tax to consumers and that the airline’s procedural rights had been violated. The ruling is in line with EU law, which allows airlines to set prices and pass on retrospective taxes to consumers.

Ryanair views the fine as politically motivated and calls for an apology from Hungary’s Justice Minister for her supportive comments regarding the fine. The airline plans to continue investing in Hungary and providing affordable air travel options for Hungarian citizens and visitors. The court’s decision provides clarity and supports Ryanair’s commitment to growing its traffic in Hungary for the benefit of the local tourism industry.


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