Ryanair to cancel up to 30 of 290 Irish flights on 12 July due to pilot strike


Irish Customer Update – Pilot Strike Thursday 12 July

Ryanair to cancel up to 30 of 290 Irish flights on Thursday 12 July – only some IRL-UK flights affected.

All Ireland to Europe flights operate as normal as a majority of Irish pilots fly on Thursday.

Ryanair regrets to advise some Irish customers of a strike by just 94 (27%) of its 350+ Irish pilots on Thursday, 12th July.

Ryanair tried to avert this disruption, which is unnecessary given Ryanair pilots’ and their union FORSA has received written proposals on seniority, annual leave and base transfers, which are what FORSA claims are the reasons for this strike, yet FORSA has rejected 21 separate invitations to meet Ryanair to negotiate these documents.

Ryanair pilots have already secured a 20% pay increase, earn up to €200,000 p.a., work 5 days on, followed by 4 days off (a double bank holiday weekend at the end of every week), enjoy rapid promotions and unmatched job security. In a final effort to avert this strike, Ryanair has agreed to meet its pilots and FORSA at a neutral venue kindly provided by Dublin Airport, but believes this small group of pilots and FORSA are determined to disrupt the travel of Irish customers on 12th July.

Ryanair cannot rule out further disruptions in July and August, especially when some Aer Lingus pilots wrote officially to the DAA on 25 June – some 10 days before the results of the Ryanair pilot ballot were known – to advise that they were “contemplating a series of 1 and 2 days strikes in July and August”. Ryanair deems unacceptable that competitor airline pilots are actively organising strikes by Ryanair’s pilots when these airlines will be the direct beneficiaries of any such disruption.

Ryanair has for 30 years pioneered low fare air travel, both in Ireland and Europe. In December 2017, Ryanair agreed to recognise unions for its pilots and cabin crew and has already signed recognition agreements with UK and Italian pilot and cabin crew unions, which shows how serious it is about dealing with unions. Ryanair did not make similar progress in Ireland (or Germany), where competitor airline pilots actively interfering by promoting strikes and flight disruptions during the peak period of July and August. These coordinated strike threats are designed to cause unnecessary disruption to customers and damage Ryanair’s low fare model, for the benefit of high fare competitor airlines in Ireland and Germany.

1. Despite offering to meet our pilots and the FORSA union at a neutral venue on Wed at 10 am, the union has confirmed again today that they expect Thursdays strike by 27% of Ryanair Irish pilots to go ahead. Ryanair regrettably must plan for some disruptions on Thurs, and try to minimise their impact, especially upon Irish customers and their families travelling on holidays to Portugal, France, Spain, Italy and Greece. Ryanair will do this by cancelling a number of flights on high-frequency routes from Ireland to London and other UK Province destinations where customers can transfer readily to other flights on Thurs or switch their travel to earlier flights tomorrow (Wed) or later on Fri, Sat or subsequent days.

2. Ryanair this morning planned to cancel up to 30 of its 290 flights to and from Irish airports on Thurs 12th. All customers on these flights have received text and email notification of these cancellations earlier today and Customer Service teams are assisting them with refunds, free transfers to alternative flights on Thurs, or Wed, Fri and Sat. For customers travelling to the UK Ryanair will also be assisting them with alternative transport on comparable operators (both flights & ferries) where there is some limited space available.

3. Customers who are travelling on a Ryanair flight to/from Ireland on Thurs 12 July and who have not already received an email or text notification should expect their flight to operate and they should check in as normal at their departure airport on Thurs 12th.

4. Ryanair apologises to its Irish customers for these regrettable disruptions which it has done the utmost to avoid.


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