Ryanair plans all Boeing 737 fleet in subsidiaries – Laudamotion’s future uncertain


Michael O’Leary says that talks with Airbus about an order of 100 A321s failed. “We would not initiate talks with Airbus until such time as Airbus wants to initiate talks with us,” he told Reuters.

“Until they need an order from the Ryanair Group, frankly we are wasting our time talking to Airbus,” he added, without elaborating.

The Irish airline planned instead to “significantly reduce the scale of the Lauda fleet. We have aircraft that are due to be delivered over the next 12 months and we will cancel almost all of those deliveries,” he added.

The future of the Austrian Vienna-based airline Laudamotion has become uncertain for the last few weeks.

Since end April, Michael O’Leary threatened Laudamotion employees based in Vienna to close the base and transfer all slots to Ryanair, dismissing 580 employees, and use the base with Ryanair, Buzz and Malta Air aircraft.

The deadline to find an agreement, including pay cuts and a new labour agreement, is 20 May 2020.
The Austrian union refuses to compromise, and O’Leary simply threatens to close down Laudamotion’s main and home base at Vienna and replace the current Airbus A320 fleet with Boeing 737s.