Ryanair opens new Vilnius base (No 82) and launches Winter 2016 schedule


Ryanair today (15 March) announced it will open a new base at Vilnius Airport (No 82), from 30th October, with 2 aircraft (an investment of $200m), as Ryanair grows its Vilnius traffic by 16%.

In addition, Ryanair launched its Lithuanian winter 2016 schedule with 2 new routes to Berlin and Malta and 3 new winter services to Birmingham, London Luton and London Stansted (23 routes in total), which will deliver 1.5m customers p.a. and support over 1,100* “on-site” jobs.

Ryanair’s Lithuania winter 2016 schedule will deliver:


  • 2 based aircraft ($200m)
  • 2 new routes: Berlin (3 weekly) & Malta (1 weekly)
  • 2 new winter services: Birmingham (2 weekly) & Luton (4 weekly)
  • More flights to Milan Bergamo (5 weekly)
  • 15 routes in total
  • 46 weekly flights
  • 860,000 customers p.a. (+16%)
  • 645* “on site” jobs p.a.


  • 2 based aircraft
  • 7 routes including Bristol (2 wkly), Copenhagen (daily), Dublin (4 wkly), Shannon (1 wkly), Eilat Ovda (2 wkly) & London Stansted (4 wkly)
  • More flights to Luton (daily)
  • 27 weekly flights
  • 600,000 c’mers p.a.
  • 450 “on-site” jobs p.a.


  • 1 route to London Stansted (2 weekly)
  • 33,000 c’mers p.a.

In Vilnius, Ryanair’s Chief Commercial Officer, David O’Brien said:

“We are pleased to announce our second Lithuanian base at Vilnius (No 82) from 30th October with             2 based aircraft, (an investment of $200m), as we grow our traffic at Vilnius by 16%. Our Lithuanian             winter 2016 schedule includes 2 new routes to Berlin and Malta, 3 new winter services to   London Luton and London Stansted and 23 international routes in total, which will deliver 1.5        million customers p.a. and support over 1,100 jobs.

Our 106m customers can look forward to further improvements, as we continue our “Always Getting Better” programme, which includes more new routes, a new app, new cabin interiors, new crew uniforms and improved inflight menus.

To celebrate the launch of our new base and winter 2016 schedule, we are releasing 100,000 seats for sale across our European network from just €19.99, which are available for booking until Friday (18 March). Since these amazing low prices will be snapped up quickly, customers should log onto www.ryanair.com and avoid missing out.”

15 Mar 2016