Ryanair moves spare parts from the UK to the EU in anticipation of a hard Brexit


Ryanair has decided to take precautionary measures before facing a possibly hard Brexit by moving some of its spare parts from its UK central storage unit to other European locations.

Ryanair’s director of maintenance told the German news agency DPA that a no-deal departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union could make it particularly difficult for spare parts to circulate because of customs restrictions.

We are concerned that it may take longer to get spare parts to the airports when we need them quickly from the Stansted storage centre,” says Karsten Muehlenfeld, referring to the London airport where Ryanair’s maintenance centre is located.

The low-cost airline CEO Michael O’Leary, although a strong critic of Brexit, believes his Irish airline, which is registered in the European Union and not in the UK, will not be as badly hit as some airlines based in Britain.


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