Ryanair lowers customer airport fees


Ryanair today (5 May) lowered its missed departure fee and airport check-in fees, the latest initiatives under the second year of its 3-year “Always Getting Better” customer experience improvement programme.

Ryanair’s airport check-in fee has been reduced from €70 to €45, and its missed departure fee has been reduced from €110 to €100. These fee reductions follow an enhanced sports equipment service, offering 5 separate sports options and lower fees for smaller items, with further services improvements and exciting digital developments to be introduced over the coming year.

Customers can look forward to a brand new personalised website and app with a ‘hold the fare’ feature, destination content and fare comparison services, as well as new cabin interiors, new crew uniforms and new inflight menus, as Ryanair continues to offer so much more than just the lowest fares.

Ryanair Chief Marketing Officer, Kenny Jacobs said:

“Europe’s customers have always chosen Ryanair for our low fares and great choice of routes and through our “Always Getting Better” programme, we are continuing to improve our customer experience. Having enhanced our sports equipment offering, today we have lowered our missed departure and airport check-in fees, the latest in an on-going series of changes and we will continue to listen and improve, ensuring even greater choice and service for our 100m annual customers.



  1. Now, 45 € for printing a boarding pass is still a rip-off! All other airlines provide this basic service free of charge.

  2. Err, Monarch charges you £7.99 to check-in online, but their airport check-in is free ! How about an airline standard for these fees and permitted luggage sizes and weights?


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