Ryanair confirms almost all flights operating as scheduled, except in Belgium


Ryanair confirms today that less than 2% of its 3,000 flights on Friday (24th June) have been affected by strikes, mainly confined to minor disruptions in Belgium, where over 60% of Ryanair’s scheduled flights to/from Brussels South Charleroi and Brussels Airport will operate today.

There were no flight disruptions in Italy, Spain, Portugal, the UK, France or Ireland as the vast majority of Ryanair crews are working normally. Over this weekend (25th & 26th June), Ryanair expects minimal (if any) disruption to its flight schedules as a result of these very minor and poorly supported work stoppages.

Ryanair expects some disruptions on Saturday/Sunday – mainly in France, Italy and Spain – due to a 2-day strike in the  French Air Traffic Control centre in Marseille which will significantly delay or impact flights crossing French airspace.

Any passengers where flights are disrupted by any ATC delays/strikes or airport staff shortages this weekend will be notified by email/SMS.

Ryanair expects over 98% of its 3,000 daily flights will operate normally on Saturday and Sunday this weekend.

Other sources nevertheless claimed that during the three-day strike in Belgium, 21,000 passengers would be affected by the cancellation of 127 flights in Charleroi and 3,000 in Brussels. No flights are scheduled with the 15 aircraft based in Charleroi and the two planes based in Brussels.



  1. Please stop just copy pasting what ryanair writes. Please do some basic journalism source checking. Check the cancelled departures on the Charleroi airport site.
    Stop the misleading ryanair propaganda from spreading even further.

  2. This is a really poor article. All 15 Ryanair based aircraft stayed on the ground in Charleroi and both in Brussels. Copy pasting corporate propaganda is not journalism, it’s pathetic. At least give some information as to why these strikes are occurring.

  3. Any idea, what will be next step? I have to travel on July 07, everything booked/paid so not sure what to do 🙁

  4. and just treat your customers with respect, information, information is key to keeping customers happier!!


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