Ryanair asking French airports to cancel taxes for maintaining services


Ryanair is asking French airports to remove or reduce taxes from now until October 2021 if they want Ryanair to maintain services, reports Pagtour.

Niall O’Connor, Director of Route Development at Ryanair said that Ryanair prepares its operations relaunch “when travel restrictions will be lifted by the states.”

He adds that the Irish low-cost carrier will need at least 3 years to be again at the financial level of 2019, and French airports will have to respect its new conditions, to ensure that Ryanair maintains operations at those airports.

Ryanair wants the airports to remove landing tax and fee per passenger carried until October 2020; from November 2020 until March 2021, no landing tax, but a 50% reduced fee per passenger carried; and from April 2021 until October 2021, a 50% reduced fee per passenger; and no further charges when new routes will open.

Pagtour says that it is not yet clear whether in Belgium Brussels Airport and Brussels South Charleroi Airport will receive the same letter asking similar conditions in order for Ryanair to continue operations in the country.


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