Ranting passenger at Brussels Airport leaves Aviapartner gate agent in tears


A Ryanair passenger who was checked in but didn’t print his boarding pass was denied boarding at gate A32 at Brussels Airport and was forced to pay 50€ to Ryanair (via the Aviapartner gate agent). The passenger started ranting, shouting and … filming

Sabrina, the gate agent threatens to call security, where the passenger asks to speak with the supervisor as he is “unhappy with the way she is performing her job”.

“I am a customer, a paying customer!”, the passenger shouts.

“I live here, what do you tell this isn’t America, I live here. I didn’t break any law and I have a lawyer to deal with things like that.”, the passenger continues.

The passenger continues to shout for minutes, he even starts discussing with other passengers. He added on youtube: “Is it because I am “black”? ”

Finally another passenger tries to calm down the passenger.

The passenger was not allowed to board his Ryanair flight to Berlin.

Forum discussion: http://www.luchtzak.be/forums/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=60531&start=176


  1. Good that he was not allowed on board. He is the typical potential on-board troublemaker !!


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