Ryanair pilots working in Belgium and Sweden announce new strike day: 10 August


The recent strikes at Ryanair have caused a knock-on effect on the workforce of the airline, today 80 percent of the pilots in Sweden and pilots working in Belgium have announced to go on a 24-hour strike on 10 August. 

In Sweden a disagreement between the Swedish Pilot Association (SPF) and Ryanair over contract negotiations is behind the action.

We of course hope this means Ryanair come to the negotiating table. Should it not have any effect we will consider further action,” SPF chairman Martin Lindgren told news agency TT. “On average, between 15 and 20 flights are leaving from Sweden on a typical Friday. Ryanair will most likely try to move pilots from other countries to the strike-affected areas,” Lindgren added.

Attempts to negotiate a collective employment agreement for Ryanair pilots in Sweden have been ongoing since end of 2017.

Belgian Cockpit Association press release – 1 August 2018

Throughout Europe, Ryanair staff is organizing in order to put forth their legitimate demands, i.e. the establishment of a true social dialogue and the application of local labor legislations. This discontent led to a series of large scale protest actions and strikes in several European countries (Ireland, Portugal, Italy, Spain and Belgium).

In Dublin, in retaliation to the three strike days organized in July, Ryanair announced on 25 July that they would delocalize to Poland 100 pilots and 200 cabin crewmembers, threatening them from being dismissed in case they refuse. In response, Irish pilots announced a fourth day of strike, on 3 August 2018.

In Belgium, last 18 July, Ryanair’s management broke the promises that were made several months ago and flatly refused the application of Belgian labor law. The refusal to apply local labor laws was one of the main reasons that led cabin crewmembers in Portugal, Spain, Italy and Belgium to go on strike on 25 and 26 July.
Since then, Ryanair has been running a campaign of intimidation targeted at some of the crewmembers who participated in these actions.

These practices are unacceptable and go against the right to strike, which is a fundamental right guaranteed by all international conventions.
Ryanair’s model must change. Since last fall and the cancelation of a great number of flights because of a pilot shortage untilthis summer’s strikes, the model Mr. O’Leary has been so proud of has clearly demonstrated its limits.

For all these reasons, BeCA and CNE/LBC-NVK call all Ryanair pilots based in Belgium to support their Irish colleagues and to join the strike action that will take place on 10 August to demand:

  • The cancelation of notices of delocalizing/dismissal sent to the flying crew based in Dublin
  • The withdrawal of threats against crewmembers
  • The application of national legislations
  • The establishment of a true dialogue social

We also call national and European authorities to finally take their responsibilities and condemn Ryanair’s practices.

Previous 2018 strikes:

This week, German based pilots announced industrial actions.
25-26 July: cabin crew strike in Belgium, Portugal and Spain
12 July: Dublin based pilots
29 March: Portuguese based cabin crew


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