Michael O’Leary says that Ryanair will not fly with ‘idiotic’ social distancing rules


Ryanair planes won’t return to the skies if the airline is forced to leave the middle seat empty to comply with “idiotic” in-flight social distancing rules, its chief executive, Michael O’Leary, has said to British newspaper The Guardian. 

The boss of the low-cost airline added that if governments insisted on social distancing measures, then Ryanair’s business model would be in tatters and the carrier would not fly.

We can’t make money on 66% load factors,” he said.

Read the entire article in The Guardian: Ryanair boss says airline won’t fly with ‘idiotic’ social distancing rules



  1. That’s OK Michael, I’m not making much money either. I won’t be flying with your airline much. I am forced to have at least one year’s worth of cash flow. You might look into it also. To be honest, I would rather pay a tad more for a safer flight anyway. Good luck to you, cheers 🙂


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