Judge disallows Ryanair to fire Eindhoven-based pilots and cabin crew


Ryanair can’t simply dismiss 16 pilots and 15 cabin crew members that were previously based at Eindhoven Airport, Dutch UWV social security agency (Uitkeringsinstantie UWV) has decided on 8 January. Ryanair closed the base after “lower traffic because of strikes” and gave the pilots and cabin crew two options: a move to another Ryanair base or dismissal. 

But for the UWV, Ryanair cannot dismiss the pilots who do not want to move to another base. Until now, the 31 crew members have been paid, while there is no more work for them. It is not yet clear what Ryanair is going to do with the crew. The company says it will appeal against the decision of the UWV.


On 1 October 2018, Ryanair decided to close the bases of Eindhoven and Bremen over “lower traffic because of strikes”.

On 1 November 2018, a Dutch court disallowed low-cost airline Ryanair to close its Eindhoven base. Ryanair closed the base on 6 November, as planned.


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