Ryanair flight attendant claims that he was fired after speaking to the press


On 20 September, Sarkis Simonjan – a Ryanair flight attendant and union member – was summoned to Dublin to hear his letter of dismissal. Union CNE has now decided to challenge the dismissal of Sarkis at the Brussels Labour Court. 

According to the flight attendant, the problems with the airline started on 25 July. On that day about twenty flight attendants went on strike at Brussels Airport (two days of strikes on 25 and 26 July). The Belgian flight attendant spoke to the press about his working and salary conditions.

When I started working for Ryanair last April, I realized that the working conditions and the salary didn’t correspond at all to what was stipulated in my contract: the first month I earned €900, the second month €870 and the third month €1,000. According to Ryanair, I didn’t have the right to talk to the press about my working conditions. The airline also stated that I had some absences, but these days were covered by a medical certificate due to sick leave,” Sarkis said in a statement.


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