Ryanair’s first Boeing 737 MAX 200 aircraft has rolled out of Boeing’s final assembly line


On Sunday (18 November), Ryanair’s first Boeing 737 MAX 200 aircraft (EI-HAT) rolled out of Boeing’s final assembly line (see images below). In April 2018, the Irish low-cost airline brought its total firm orders of this high density version of the 737 MAX 8 aircraft to 135. To safely transport all 197 passengers in a single-class high-density configuration with slimline seats, Boeing introduced an extra pair of exit doors (between the four overwing exits and the rear doors).

Boeing states that this version will be 20% more cost efficient per seat than current 737 models, and will be the most efficient narrow-body on the market when delivered, including 5% lower operating costs than the 737 MAX 8.

Ryanair said that these new MAX “Gamechanger” aircraft will reduce fuel consumption by up to 16% and reduce noise emissions by 40% while offering 4% more seats per flights (197 v 189) allowing the airline to lower fares even further while ensuring that it remains Europe’s greenest and cleanest airline.

Looking at the (preliminary) lay-out of the aircraft’s interior you will notice that three of eight galley trolleys are removed to accommodate more passenger space. If the planned 28 inch seat pitch remains, passengers will not have much room left to wiggle their toes. Ryanair’s Boeing 737-800 version has a 30 inch seat pitch, like other low-cost airlines.

Three toilets for 197 passengers, two pilots and four cabin crew members is also very sharp, a quick calculation: if every passenger and crew member wants to visit the bathroom on a two-hour flight he or she can visit the toilet for 1 minute and 46 seconds. A pre-flight visit to the airport’s toilet facilities is recommended.

After an earlier firm order of 110 Boeing 737 MAX 200 aircraft, Ryanair exercises options for 25 more


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