Evacuation of a Ryanair plane at Brussels Airport after a passenger boarded without documents and locked himself in the toilet


A passenger caused mayhem on a Ryanair (Malta Air) plane registered 9H-QDS Thursday morning around 08:30 at Brussels Airport. The man, who boarded flight FR2963 to Milan Malpensa without the necessary documents, locked himself in the toilet. Federal police officers intervened to arrest the individual. The plane was then evacuated for examination.

Federal police confirm the facts and indicate that the individual had boarded the aircraft without the necessary documents. “The man caused some trouble in the plane. He pushed passengers and locked himself in the toilet. We were finally able to call him out without a problem. Because the man had left luggage on the plane as well, everyone had to leave the plane so that we could carry out a check,” a police spokesperson explained.

Passengers had to wait an hour on the airport tarmac. Finally, the Ryanair plane was able to take off for Milan at 10:00, one hour and 20 minutes late.


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