Ryanair’s Eindhoven based cabin crew members announce a 24-hour strike


Ryanair cabin crew members that are based at Eindhoven Airport are protesting against the closure of their base. Dutch union FNV announced a 24-hour strike for tomorrow (23 October).

On 1 October, Ryanair decided to close the Eindhoven base as from 5 November due to “lower traffic because of strikes“, the Irish low-cost airline will keep on flying to Eindhoven, but these flights will be operated by aircraft from overseas bases. The four aircraft currently stationed at Eindhoven will be moved to other bases.

On the base closure, Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary said: “While we successfully managed 5 strikes by 25% of our Irish pilots this summer, 2 recent coordinated strikes by cabin crew and pilots across 5 EU countries have affected passenger numbers (through flight cancellations), close in bookings and yields (as we re-accommodate disrupted passengers), and forward airfares into Q3. While we regret these disruptions, we have on both strike days operated over 90% of our schedule. However, customer confidence, forward bookings and Q3 fares have been affected, most notably over the Oct school mid-terms and Christmas, in those 5 countries where unnecessary strikes have been repeated.” 


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