Dutch based Ryanair pilots have announced to strike next Friday, 10 August


Ryanair pilots based in The Netherlands have joined their Belgian, German, Irish and Swedish colleagues to strike next Friday, 10 August. With reservation as tomorrow (9 August) Ryanair is going to court to prevent the Dutch based pilot strike.

For the last eight months the Dutch Airline Pilots Association (VNV, Dutch ALPA) has tried to negotiate a collective labour agreement between Ryanair and the Dutch ALPA without any result. This European pilot strike should be a wake up call for the Ryanair management. Our goal is clear : ‘RYANAIR MUST CHANGE’ and respect rights of their workers. The Dutch ALPA demands are modest: Dutch law should be applied; no more bogus self-employment and a sufficient sick pay and pension,” VNV announced in a press release.

Ryanair is trying to prevent the strike by going to court in summary proceedings, tomorrow at 15:30 (UTC +2) a judge will decide on the industrial action. VNV said it was surprised but also furious about this attack on the Dutch labour rights. “Nowhere else in Europe has Ryanair started this type of lawsuits. The VNV is also surprised because we didn’t previously announce a strike of Ryanair pilots in the Netherlands.


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