Cracks were also found on Ryanair Boeing 737-800 aircraft – Ryanair denies


Some Ryanair Boeing 737 NG aircraft are also concerned with cracks, which have already grounded dozens of such aircraft in the world.

The Irish airline has admitted that at least three of its Boeing 737 NG were grounded because of the problems of cracks on this type of aircraft. “Ryanair has already inspected more than 70 of its older aircraft, fully complying with the FAA Airworthiness Directive and our problem rate is below the sector average of 5% confirmed by Boeing recently,” says the company in a statement received by AFP.

The repairs will be made by Boeing and will have no impact on Ryanair’s flights. Ryanair, the world’s largest operator of 737 NG with more than 450 Boeing 737-800s, will finish inspecting the rest of its fleet.

In early October, Boeing had reported a problem on the “pickle fork” of some 737 NG, the part of the aircraft that links the wings to the fuselage and controls the stresses and aerodynamic forces. The US Federal Aviation Agency then issued an Airworthiness Directive ordering an inspection of some Boeing 737 NG and resulting in the grounding of dozens of aeroplanes worldwide for repair, including at Qantas, Southwest and Korean Air.


UPDATE: Ryanair has denied claims that three of its Boeing 737 NGs were grounded due to structural cracking.


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