Ryanair cabin crew at Stansted required to sell 8 scratchcards, 1 perfume, a meal deal and 1 item of fresh food per day


Last month Ryanair cabin crew based at Stansted Airport received a memo from Lisa R., a Stansted supervisor. The purpose of the memo was to boost sales on board, but in a fairly explicit way.

According to the memo, the cabin crew are required to sell the following items per day and per cabin crew member: eight scratchcards, one meal deal and one item of fresh food, and one perfume.

Apparently, the sales on board are closely monitored and if the crew members do not reach their daily “target”, they will be summoned by their supervisor and further action will be taken. Ryanair’s goal is to push the sales and achieve daily targets, the e-mail concludes.

A source close to Ryanair brings the full story (this source is known by the editors):

Ancillary revenue is very important at Ryanair (FR) and sales are being “pushed” by the company. The more on-board sales, the more revenue. The way FR does that is by putting a base supervisor in charge of every base who needs to track and maximise performance of each crew member, including sales on board. How they do that is largely up to them.

Now, this particular base supervisor of STN base thought it would be a good idea to issue that memo to maximise sales in her base (STN). When FR found out about it (when it got media attention) she herself has been summoned and the memo was withdrawn.

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The luchtzak.be web team has contacted Ryanair but Ryanair didn’t want to leave any further comments.


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