Ryanair Boeing 737 from Stansted to Copenhagen loses a nose wheel after take-off and diverts to East-Midlands


This morning a Ryanair Boeing 737 (EI-DLV) from London Stansted to Copenhagen lost one of its two nose wheels just after take-off runway 23. The pilots entered into a holding pattern above Ipswich, finally the aircraft diverted to East Midlands Airport.

The aircraft took off at London Stansted around 08:00 local time and safely landed at East Midlands airport 2h30 minutes later. As the aircraft was blocking the runway, several other aircraft got delayed.

A Ryanair spokesman confirmed the incident: “The aircraft lost one of its two nose wheels after take-off, the aircraft diverted to East Midlands airport where passengers disembarked the aircraft. A replacement aircraft has been send to pick up the stranded passengers.

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch deployed a team of investigators to the scene.


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