Bloody fight between two passengers on board a Ryanair flight between Glasgow and Tenerife South


Last Saturday (16 March), two male passengers started fighting after landing,  during deboarding of their Ryanair flight FR653 between Glasgow Prestwick and Tenerife South. The altercation even left blood spatters on the overhead bins of the Boeing 737-800 (EI-EVS).

On the video, uploaded by Ben Wardrop, you can clearly see the two passengers fighting with the female flight attendant trying to calm down the situation. Ben said that the brawl started over a woman not wearing her shoes while going to the toilet. A very drunk passenger clearly disagreed and said that someone would stand on her toes. The women’s boyfriend stepped in and tried to defuse the situation.

During the flight, more alcohol was consumed and once the aircraft landed the argument continued. Both being very drunk they started to fight. Some news channels write that the passenger bit the nose of the other passenger.

Meanwhile, a Ryanair spokesman replied on the incident: “The crew of this flight from Glasgow Prestwick to Tenerife requested police assistance upon arrival after two passengers became disruptive in-flight, the aircraft landed normally and police removed and detained two individuals. We will not tolerate unruly or disruptive behaviour at any time and the safety and comfort of our customers, crew and aircraft is our number one priority. This is now a matter for local police.

For years now, Ryanair tries to tackle the excessive alcohol consumption on board their aircraft. In 2017, they called on UK airports to take necessary measures to prevent excessive alcohol consumption, in the wake of increased disruptive behaviour from passengers travelling from British airports.

Ryanair calls on UK airports to limit pre-flight alcohol sales especially during flight delays

It’s not the first fight on board a Ryanair flight, reported at least two similar incidents: on 2 September 2017 a drunk female passenger started kicking off and on 18 January 2019, a male passenger seriously disrupted the flight between Brussels South Charleroi Airport and Dublin.


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