A Spanish court annuls the dismissal of 78 Crewlink cabin crew subcontracted for Ryanair


The National Court has declared void the collective dismissal of 78 Crewlink cabin crew, who provided service for Ryanair planes in Spain at the bases of Gran Canaria, Tenerife and Lanzarote.

It has also declared void the Employment Regulation File (ERE) of Crewlink, Ryanair’s employment agency, as reported by the USO union, a plaintiff together with the union that represents passenger cabin crew SITCPLA.

The National Court considers the demand of both unions against these dismissals alleging lack of good faith in the negotiation of the ERE as a fraud against the law.

The ruling declares the right of the affected workers to immediate reinstatement in their jobs under the same conditions that were in force before the dismissal, with payment of the wages not received from the date of dismissal until the reinstatement takes place.

It determines that the company delayed for no reason the start of the ERE consultation process and continued to offer vacancies and relocations to those affected during the negotiation process.

The Hearing understands that the conduct of the company involves “fraudulent” use of collective dismissal and “the absence of good faith that should govern the consultation period.

For USO, the content of this ruling defines Ryanair’s way of treating its workers, which is “humiliating, unworthy and unacceptable” in a sector such as air transport “where safety must prevail, and to which justice is setting limits“.

Source: Canarias7


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