A Ryanair flight from Dublin to Croatia diverted to Frankfurt Hahn after some 30 passengers fell ill


Ryanair flight FR7312 operated by Boeing 737-800 registered EI-ENM, flying from Dublin, the Irish capital, to the city of Zadar in Croatia diverted to Frankfurt-Hahn airport in Germany on Friday 13 July 2018.

About thirty-three of the 189 passengers were transported to the local hospital after falling ill during the flight, many of them bleeding from the ears. It seems that they suffered from a rapid depressurisation. The oxygen masks dropped, and there was a ‘dive of 3000 metres in less than one minute‘ according to one passenger. In fact,  Flightradar24 data show a dive of 27,000 feet (from FL370 to FL100) in 7 minutes, which Ryanair calls a “controlled descent” in its comments on the incident.

The passengers received refreshment and accommodation vouchers but there was a lack of accommodation for some passengers who had to spend the night in Germany before being able to continue their trip this Saturday morning with a replacement aeroplane. Some of the travellers refused to continue their journey. The replacement Boeing 737-800 (registration EI-EVD) reached Zadar with a delay of about 13 hours.

The German air accident investigating unit BFU has sent a team to Hahn, which has secured the two black boxes for further examination.


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