“A Ryanair cabin crew strike is an ‘exceptional circumstance’ or a ‘force majeure’ hence we refuse to pay a financial compensation”


According to Ryanair, more than 50,000 passengers that booked a ticket on Wednesday 25 July and Thursday 26 July have been affected by their cabin crew strike. However, and according to union sources, more cabin crew members are willing to strike: a union member confirmed to Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad that -most likely- not a single Ryanair aircraft will take off from a  Belgian airport. According to leaked information a total of 100,000 passengers might be affected by the strike. 

According to the Irish budget airline all affected customers have been offered re-accommodation on alternative flights during the 7 days prior or the 7 days after the 25th/26th. Alternatively, these customers can obtain a full refund of their airfares.

As many passengers have to arrange other -and more expensive- means of transport they are also demanding a compensation between €250 and €600 (as per 261/2004 law) as a cabin crew strike is no “force majeure”. The airline, however, insists that a cabin crew strike is an “exceptional circumstance” and refuses to pay a compensation.

The United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority already urged all passengers affected to claim a financial compensation, Belgian consumer magazine Test Aankoop/Test-Achats is gathering all claims of disgruntled passengers and thinks about a class action lawsuit.

On the financial side, Ryanair profits have fallen 20% in its first quarter results while shares have dropped as much as 6,75% (RYA:ID and based on last known financial information).

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