Drunk 46-year-old Belgian passenger tries to force emergency exit on Ryanair flight


On 2 July, Ryanair’s domestic flight FR9108 between Mahon, Menorca, and Malaga (Spain) didn’t go as expected. Throughout the day, the Boeing 737-800 (registered EI-EBH) picked up more delay. Much to the frustration of some passengers as the airline announced a delay of around 4 hours.

A 46-year-old Belgian passenger boarded the aircraft intoxicated. Angry with his delayed flight, he started to insult other passengers, hit the seats next to him and tried to force an emergency exit. He responded agitated and demanded in an aggressive way that the flight would depart for Malaga.

After some passengers warned the crew about his behaviour, the police were called. The passenger, however, refused by all means to leave the aircraft. According to Spanish newspaper Diario Sur, the Belgian – seated close to the exit – threw himself on other passengers. Some passengers told the man to collaborate and leave the aircraft as babies and young children were also on board.

Finally, the passenger was detained and now faces charges.

Due to the long delay, Ryanair was forced to cancel the flight to Malaga. Some 180 passengers had to disembark and were rebooked on later flights.

Source: Altercado en un avión con destino a Málaga: detienen a un hombre que intentó forzar la puerta de emergencia (Diario Sur)


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