Ryanair to lay off 44 pilots and 40 flight attendants in Belgium


For several weeks Ryanair has threatened to lay off 25% of its Belgian-based staff if they did not accept new salary conditions (20% cut in wages for pilots and 10% for cabin crew). Ryanair now takes action: it has notified the pilots that 44 of them were going to be dismissed together with 40 flight attendants.

The Christian trade union CNE/ACV and the Belgian Cockpit Association (BeCA) announced on Thursday that the Irish airline will now initiate the Renault process on collective redundancies, with the intention of furloughing 84 people. The necessary documents would be sent to the competent Belgian administration this Friday.

Strongly affected by the coronavirus crisis, Ryanair has repeatedly called on its employees based in Belgium to accept lower wages in order to maintain employment at its current level. However, negotiations failed.

In May, Ryanair announced its intention to dismiss 3,000 people in Europe following the crisis. Since then, the company has concluded several agreements, notably in Ireland and the United Kingdom, on a reduction in wages in order to preserve jobs.



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