Russia has threatened to close its airspace for Dutch aircraft


Russia has threatened to close its airspace for Dutch aircraft, newspaper De Telegraaf today reports. Russia doesn’t agree with the withdrawal of landing slots for AirBridgeCargo (ABC) at Schiphol Airport. As Amsterdam Schiphol reached its maximum capacity, cargo airlines were recently allocated 20 percent less slots. The Russian air freighter eyed an expansion in The Netherlands but was forced to move flights to Liège Airport.

A closure of Russian airspace for Dutch flights would mean a big blow for KLM, as many flights to the Far East cross the huge country. For flights to China, South Korea and Japan it would take hours longer to avoid Russia, an extra cost of hundreds of Euros per passenger. Flights to Moscow and St. Petersburg would be cancelled.

According to the newspaper top negotiations are currently taking place, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management doesn’t want to confirm or deny the conflict. KLM refers to the Ministry for further comments while Russia has given a deadline before Saturday to solve the problem.

Source: De Telegraaf –


  1. KLM is already anticipating the possible closure and has asked the unions for permission to add a fourth cockpit crew member to its flights to Asia as flying around Russia will add a flighttime of 3 to 5 hours.


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