Royal Jordanian implements travel restrictions to the United States


Royal Jordanian (RJ) received instructions from US authorities regarding travel restrictions for certain nationalities.

Accordingly, starting with January 29, 2017, RJ starts implementing instructions that say that the only nationals of Sudan, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Iran, Iraq and Yemen that are allowed to travel to the United States are:

    • Permanent Green Card holders
    • A1 & A2 (government officials and immediate family)
    • C2 (travel to the UN)
    • G1 & G2 (representatives and employees of international organizations)
    • G3 & G4 (representatives to and employees of international organizations)
    • NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)

Holders of all other types of immigrant and non-immigrant visas from the aforementioned nationalities cannot travel to the US till further notice.



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