Royal Brunei Airlines announces daily Non-Stop flights to London


Royal Brunei Airlines (RB) is delighted to announce the launching of daily non-stop flights between Brunei and London effective 28th October 2018. The non-stop flights will see guests enjoying faster journeys with the round trip travel time reduced by 3.5 hours to/from Brunei and 5.3 hours to/from Melbourne.

“The introduction of RB’s non-stop flight to London Heathrow will be a significant milestone as for the first time Brunei and England will be seamlessly connected by a direct air link. With the strong cultural, economic and political ties between the two Countries, it is only natural to provide the seamless non-stop connection. The through flight via Dubai has served us well however with the demand for more direct routing from our guests, it becomes an important commercial imperative to provide that. The approximately fourteen hour flight will have the very best in inflight service, entertainment (1,000 entertainment options) and guest friendly features of B787 Dreamliner such as lower cabin altitude, less noise and turbulence to help reduce jet lag. More product and service innovations will be announced later in the year.

The non-stop flights will also be an enabler for increasing tourism from UK and Europe. We have had a record 2017 for visitor arrivals and the initiatives such as the London direct, additional Seoul flights, China charter flights and to be announced new markets will play a pivotal role in getting half a million visitors to our Shores by 2021,” said Karam Chand, RB Chief Executive Officer.

With the introduction of the daily non-stop flights to London, RB will cease operating the Dubai-London-Dubai route. RB will however continue to provide the vital link to the GCC via Dubai and offer four times weekly Brunei-Dubai-Brunei services effective 29th October 2018.

With these changes, RB has also updated its schedule for its Melbourne flights to cater for better connections within its long haul route network. These schedules are subject to slot clearances and government approvals.

RB launched its first flight to London (Gatwick) via Singapore and Dubai in 1990. On 10th May 1991, RB flew twice weekly to London Heathrow. RB launched its daily flight to London (via Dubai) on 16th May 2004. On 28 October 2018, RB will launch its daily non-stop flight to London from Brunei.


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