Qatar Airways expands operations to its four destinations Pakistan and resumes flights to Lisbon


Qatar Airways increases its services to Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar as of 10 August. The airline now operates 49 weekly flights to four gateways in Pakistan with its Boeing 787 and A350 aircraft.

Flights to Islamabad have increased from 11 to 14 weekly flights, to Karachi from 10 to 14 weekly flights, to Lahore from 11 to 14 weekly flights, and to Peshawar from five to seven weekly flights.

Qatar Airways European network rebuild continues with the resumption of four weekly flights to Lisbon, Portugal starting 14 August 2020. The flights will be operated by the airline’s modern fuel-efficient Boeing 787 Dreamliner offering 22 seats in Business Class and 232 seats in Economy Class.

The resumption of Lisbon services will see the airline’s operations expand to 225 weekly flights to 33 gateways in Europe with the following weekly operations:

  • Amsterdam (daily flights)
  • Ankara (three weekly flights)
  • Antalya (two weekly flights)
  • Athens (daily flights)
  • Barcelona (10 weekly flights)
  • Belgrade (four weekly flights)
  • Berlin (four weekly flights)
  • Bodrum (two weekly flights)
  • Brussels (three weekly flights)
  • Budapest (three weekly flights)
  • Copenhagen (five weekly flights)
  • Dublin (three weekly flights)
  • Edinburgh (three weekly flights)
  • Frankfurt (two daily flights)
  • Helsinki (three weekly flights)
  • Istanbul IST (two daily flights)
  • Istanbul SAW (11 weekly flights)
  • Larnaca (two weekly flights)
  • Lisbon (four weekly flights starting 14 August)
  • London LHR (three daily flights)
  • London LGW (daily flights starting 20 August)
  • Madrid (daily flights)
  • Manchester (two daily flights)
  • Milan (10 weekly flights)
  • Munich (daily flights)
  • Oslo (daily flights)
  • Paris (two daily flights)
  • Prague (three weekly flights)
  • Rome (nine weekly flights)
  • Stockholm (daily flights)
  • Vienna (five weekly flights)
  • Zagreb (three weekly flights)
  • Zurich (daily flights)


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