Qatar Airways flight to Bali diverts to Chennai after woman discovers her husband is cheating on her


Qatar Airways’ flight QR962 from Doha to Bali was forced to divert to Chennai Airport after an Iranian (and drunk) woman created uproar after she found out that her husband was cheating on her. Apparently she unlocked her sleeping husband’s phone by doing his finger scan and discovered some content on it.

The flight attendants and other passengers tried to calm her down but her uproar compelled the pilots to land the Boeing 777 (A7-BEC) mid-way in Chennai.

After offloading the Iranian couple and their child in Chennai, the aircraft resumed its journey to Bali as QTR962D and landed in Bali with a delay of almost three hours. The family was taken to a room maintained by immigration authorities at Chennai Airport, once the woman got sober the family was put on a flight to Kuala Lumpur. Then back to Doha.

Qatar Airways said in a statement: “In respect of passenger privacy, we do not comment on individual cases.

Source: Times of India


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