Qatar Airways Boeing 777 avoids balloon during final approach Sao Paulo airport, Brazil


On 3 July, a Qatar Airways Boeing 777 (registered A7-BEV) was on final approach towards Sao Paulo Airport, Brazil, originating from Doha, Qatar. A balloon crossing the flight path forced the pilots to maneuver around the balloon before continuing their approach.

A Qatar Airways spokesperson told the flight landed “as normal” and safety margins were maintained at all times.

Qatar Airways is aware of an event concerning one of its aircraft, involving an unmanned balloon, before landing at Sao Paulo on Sunday, July 3,” the spokesperson said.

The flight landed as normal and safety margins were maintained at all times. The captain filed a report following the flight which is now being investigated by the Brazilian authorities.”

It is understood that while such hot air balloons are illegal, they are common around this time of year in Brazil due to Festas Juninas – June festivals.

It’s not the first encounter for an aircraft with a balloon as on 1 January 2021, an Avianca Airbus A319 hit a pyrotechnic balloon on landing at Bogota Airport:

Avianca Airbus A319 hits pyrotechnic balloon on landing at Bogota Airport


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